May 30, 2015

2013 Annual Report

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Summaries of 2013 Cases The Committee of Concerned Scientists advocated for sixteen individuals or groups during 2013 in ten countries. This reduced caseload enabled us to focus on several individual cases in which CCS had taken the lead and fostered cooperation with other human rights organizations. We were also able to cover events concerning human rights issues that were germane to our cases  … continue reading >>

Highlights of 2013 Cases

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During the past year, we have achieved some successes, and persevered in our struggle when we haven't.  We welcomed some notable releases from jail  –  of Dr. Cyril Karabus in the United Arab Emirates, and of Drs. Kemal Guruz and Mehmet Haberal in Turkey. These were achieved after several years of advocacy by CCS and other science human rights organizations. The following summary of our  … continue reading >>

In Spite of Protests, Peking University Expels Respected Economics Professor


In a letter to the President of Peking University Wang Enge, CCS urged cancellation of an upcoming faculty vote to expel University Professor Xia Yeiling for his support of free speech and constitutional government. Xia, a respected authority on economics, is a visiting professor at Stanford, but said that he wants to return to China to continue teaching. January 2013 Update Chinese  … continue reading >>