February 20, 2017

CCS Requests International Support for Swedish Scientist in Iran

CCS has written to the heads of other countries and organizations requesting their support of Dr. Djalali, a Swedish scientist threatened with a death sentence in Iran.  … continue reading >>

US Executive Order Could Have Serious Consequences on US Science and Academia

The Executive Order banning Muslims from accessing the United States can seriously affect foreign students attending American universities. CCS urges President Trump to take this into consideration.  … continue reading >>

Over 5,500 Academics Dismissed from Positions in Turkey since Rule of Law Suspended

Scholars At Risk report that the pressure on Turkish academics has persisted into the 2017 as a new decree was issued dismissing over 600 scholars and more than 100 administrative personnel from higher level educational institutions. Pressures on Turkey's Scholars Renewed in the New Year On January 6, state authorities issued a decree ordering the dismissal of 631 academic personnel and  … continue reading >>

NASA Scientist Still Held in Turkey for Alleged Coup Involvement

Serkan Golge, a 36-year-old physicist and research scientist at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in the United States, has been detained in Turkey since August of last year, and charged with involvement with the Gülen movement and the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). No credible evidence has been presented to back up these charges. In the absence of evidence, Mr.  … continue reading >>

Al-Halwachi Hearing on December 29th After Being Rescheduled for the 20th Time

Khalil al-Halwachi, a Bahrainian professor arrested in 2014, is scheduled to have a hearing today, after having it postponed for the 20th time.  CCS has requested that a representative of the U.S. Embassy be present to observe the trial and assure that he is granted due process and a proper trial.  … continue reading >>

Iranian Physicist Sentenced to 16 Years in Jail for Anti-Death Penalty Work

Narges Mohammadi, an accomplished scientist in Iran was sentenced to 16 years in jail for her work opposing the death penalty and for meeting with the UN High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. CCS has written the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran asking that they reconsider this sentence and reverse their decision. Embed from Getty Images October  … continue reading >>

Bahraini Instructor and Electrical Engineer Jailed for Two Years Has New Trial Date

Khalil al-Halwachi, was arrested in September 2014. He confessed, allegedly under duress, to owning a rifle for terrorist purposes. He and his family deny his ownership of any rifle or involvement in terrorist activities. His hearing has been rescheduled 19 times over the past two years. It was last scheduled for October 20th at which time it was again rescheduled, this time for October  … continue reading >>

New Court Date for Turkish Writers and Head of the Department of Forensic Medicine at Istanbul University

Dr. Sebnem Korur Fincanci, Professor and head of the Department of Forensic Medicine at Istanbul University, along with two prominent journalists, Erol Onderoglu and Ahmet Nesin, will go to trial on November 8. They have been charged with “terror propaganda.” These charges preceded the attempted coup in Turkey and these individuals had nothing to do with that event. CCS has advocated for these  … continue reading >>

Update on Serkan Golge, NASA Scientist Arrested Following Attempted Coup in Turkey

CCS has been informed that Serkan Golge is being held in Iskenderun Prison (the largest town in Hatay Province). He does not have access to an attorney. The US Consulate in Adana has been notified.  … continue reading >>

Committee of Concerned Scientists and Endangered Scholars Worldwide Advocate for NASA Scientist Arrested in Turkey

NASA Physicist, Serkan Golge, a 36-year old American citizen, was arrested while visiting Turkey and charged as being complicit with the Gulen movement, which Turkey considers a terrorist organization that was complicit with the coup attempt that took place in July.  The Committee of Concerned Scientists and Endangered Scholars Worldwide have issued a Joint Appeal asking for Golge’s release and  … continue reading >>