April 18, 2014

His Jail in Teheran is a School,
Says Kokabee’s Poem for Family


On the occasion of Nowruz, the Persian New Year,  Omid Kokabee sent his family a poem he wrote in jail. We are posting it here with the family's permission. Kokabee, a graduate student at Texas University/Austin, is in Evin prison since 2011  for allegedly "communicating with an enemy government" and "illegal earnings." CCS and many others protested his conviction as lacking due process. In his  … continue reading >>

CCS Calls for Full Investigation of Ukrainian Geophysicist’s Kidnapping, Beating and Murder

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A Ukrainian scientist participating in protests in Kiev was kidnapped from a hospital, severely beaten, and abandoned to die of hypothermia. CCS joins Human Rights Watch in calling for investigation of this crime, including possible governmental connection by perpetrators. President Viktor Yanukovych No. 11 Bankova Street Kiev, Ukraine February 18, 2014 Your Excellency: We are an  … continue reading >>

Russian Winner of Sakharov Prize Writes Urging President Putin to Help Kokabee


Boris Altshuler, physicist and chairman of the NGO "Right of the Child", who won the 2013 Sakharov human rights prize together with Omid Kokabee, addressed a letter to President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation, suggesting that he appeal to Dr. Hassan Rouhani, President of Iran, requesting Omid Kokabee's release from prison so that the latter can pursue his studies at the University of  … continue reading >>

A New Joint Petition for Omid Kokabee


CCS urges those who support the human rights of scientists to sign this petition created by Free Omid, with the support of Amnesty International, and the Committee of Concerned Scientists. It was set up with the aim of combining the efforts of institutions, organizations and every single supporter of Omid Kokabee's into a unique petition. It advocates his unconditional release from prison and will  … continue reading >>

Iran’s Human Rights Violations
Detailed in Two Public Presentations

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Iran: Silencing Scientists and Squelching Scholarship A November 16, 2013 open meeting in Washington DC Iran: Silencing Scientists and Squelching Scholarship, organized by: Amnesty International, Georgetown University Amnesty International, and the Georgetown University Science and Human Rights Group, was moderated by Jessica Wyndham of the AAS Scientific Responsibility, Human Rights and Law  … continue reading >>

Amnesty Calls Kokabee Prisoner of Conscience. CCS Tells Iran, Calling for His Immediate Release


Persuaded that Omid Kokabee has been jailed and convicted because of his refusal to work on military projects, Amnesty International has called for his release as a "Prisoner of Conscience." CCS renews its call for release of the Iranian graduate student at Texas University/Austin, whose espionage trial lacked due process and whose violation of human rights has been of concern to students and  … continue reading >>

Highlights of 2013 Cases

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During the past year, we have achieved some successes, and persevered in our struggle when we haven't.  We welcomed some notable releases from jail  –  of Dr. Cyril Karabus in the United Arab Emirates, and of Drs. Kemal Guruz and Mehmet Haberal in Turkey. These were achieved after several years of advocacy by CCS and other science human rights organizations. The following summary of our  … continue reading >>

Omid Kokabee, Boris Altshuler
Win APS Andrei Sakharov Prize


Omid Kokabee, a University of Texas graduate student currently imprisoned in Iran, has been awarded the American Physical Society's 2014 Andrei Sakharov Prize, which recognizes outstanding leadership and achievements of scientists in upholding human rights. Kokabee will share the honor with Dr. Boris Altshuler of the Russian Federation. The prize carries $10,000 for each winner. The APS press  … continue reading >>

Kemal Gürüz Released from Prison


We welcome the news that Dr. Halil Kemal Gürüz, a chemical engineer, education administrator and former professor and university rector, was allowed to go home pending his appeal from the thirteen years and eleven month sentence imposed on him by a criminal court in Turkey on August 5, 2013. In a new trial on September 5 on another charge, Dr. Gürüz was placed on probation by an Ankara court  … continue reading >>

New Appeal for Omid Kokabee Details Specific Human Rights Law Violations


The Committee of Concerned Scientists endorses a new appeal on behalf of Texas University physics student Omid Kokabee, who is imprisoned in Teheran. CCS and many other human rights organizations have been advocating for his release since his arrest in 2011. The letters to Iranian and international officials (see below) were drafted by Ellen Hutchison, a student at Texas University/Austin, with  … continue reading >>