February 20, 2017

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What we seek to achieve

  • Academic freedom for all scientists, physicians, engineers and scholars
  • Freedom of exchange of scientific and other scholarly information, data and personnel
  • Freedom of research, inquiry, publication and travel to and from scholarly and scientific meetings
  • Freedom of association
  • Freedom of emigration
  • Recognition, implementation and preservation of human rights, individual and collective, without distinctions based on race, language, religion, sex or national origin
  • Compliance by governments with provisions of international agreements they have signed pertaining to the human rights of scientists

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Read our Annual Reports for yearly summaries of our activities.

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What we do to accomplish
our purpose

  • Monitor and document violations of the human rights and scientific freedom of scientists all over the world
  • Protest directly to repressive governments and urge similar action by professional societies and individual scientists
  • Publicize human rights abuses through all available media
  • Draw attention to abuses by conducting petition drives at scientific meetings, organizing press conferences and writing letters to the editors of print media
  • Maintain close contact with members of U.S. Congress and the Executive Branch to secure their support and intervention for imperiled colleagues
  • Obtain invitations for oppressed colleagues to attend scientific conferences or accept visiting professorships at universities, thus giving prominence to their professional standing and building support for them
  • Encourage prospective participants in international conferences and exchange programs to relate their participation to the host country’s human rights record, and to protest violations to its governmental and scientific officials
  • Strengthen the morale of colleagues cut off from mainstream science in their own countries through mail, telephone calls and visits from American colleagues. Sponsor their memberships in scientific societies and their subscriptions to professional journals
  • Provide material assistance to those who have been dismissed from professional employment and to the families of those jailed

Committee of Concerned Scientists
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Carol Susan Valoris, Executive Director