February 20, 2017

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Support our work in human rights, academic and scientific freedom

  • We act to stop assaults on scientists and scholars by governments and other abusive or misguided authorities.
  • We act in support of individuals who may have been victims of abuse through loss of position, detainment or wrongful arrest, torture, loss of opportunity to carry out their work, restraint from travel to professional meetings, inability to receive due process, to communicate with family members or to receive adequate health care while detained.
  • When we find evidence of human rights violations, CCS works separately and with other human rights organizations advocating on behalf of wronged scientists, scholars, engineers and physicians in an effort to help them seek justice, freedom and fair treatment.

Our services are needed now more than ever.  It is troubling, indeed, that ever more vigilance assuring human rights for those at risk continues to be necessary.

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