February 20, 2017

Highlights of 2015 Cases

  Throughout 2015, CCS advocated for 15 cases in behalf of scientists, academics and doctors in 10 countries. The following are highlights of our cases so far. The situation in China has become dire for Human Rights attorneys. We advocated for two of them who defended CCS clients in past cases. In Iran, the situation has not improved for Omid Kokabee but we have continued to write in his  … continue reading >>

Highlights of 2014 Cases

We continued to advocate in 2014 on behalf of scientists, academics and doctors. The following are highlights of our cases so far. Unfortunately, Professor Ilham Tohti was sentenced to life in prison for his support of China's Uighur minority. In Iran, Hamid Babaei, an engineering student in Belgium, was sentenced to six years in prison, echoing the Omid Kokabee case. We are pleased to report  … continue reading >>

Highlights of 2013 Cases

During the past year, we have achieved some successes, and persevered in our struggle when we haven't.  We welcomed some notable releases from jail  –  of Dr. Cyril Karabus in the United Arab Emirates, and of Drs. Kemal Guruz and Mehmet Haberal in Turkey. These were achieved after several years of advocacy by CCS and other science human rights organizations. The following summary of our  … continue reading >>

Highlights of 2012 Cases

This year, we have helped academics, human rights activists, scientists and physicians in eight countries. Here is a summary of our work. Our more detailed Annual Report will be released in February.  … continue reading >>