February 20, 2017

Doctor’s Estimate About Epidemic
Leads to Threat of Terrorist Charge

Doctors in Venezuela warned that an outbreak of a mosquito-borne disease in Venezuela could lead to a wider epidemic, as it had in other South American nations. The government accused one doctor of "psychological terrorism" and threatened him with prosecution, forcing him to flee the country. Representatives of the medical profession characterized the threats as part of a campaign against their  … continue reading >>

Venezuelan scientists terminated

Dr. Reinaldo Di Polo, a physiologist, and Dr. Gioconda San Blas, a microbiologist, were distinguished scientists at the Centro de Biofisica y Bioquimica (IVIC) in Caracas. IVIC faculty retire after 30 years of service and then take part in the Permanence in Research Activities (PLI) program, a program that has been in place for decades. The PLI program includes 3-year terms that are renewable. The  … continue reading >>

Venezuela: physicists forced out for ideological reasons

These actions are believed to be part of initiatives by the Government to curtail the independence and resources of the science establishment of Venezuela. Inexperienced professionals with little scientific experience have been appointed to positions of authority, according to ACFIMAN, resources to universities and research centers are cut, and support of proposals is distributed according to the  … continue reading >>