February 20, 2017

Economist Held Incommunicado for Criticizing Egypt and the United Arab Emirates

Nasser bin Ghaith, an Economist in the United Arab Emirates, was arrested for committing hostile acts against a foreign state (Egypt) and for instigating against the UAE. These acts were criticizing these governments online. He was also charged with associating with a banned political party in the UAE (as an academic he gave a speech as requested by a member of that political party). CCS has  … continue reading >>

Dr. Nasser bin Ghaith Held by the United Arab Emirates for Criticizing UAE and Egypt

Dr. Nasser bin Ghaith, a U.S.-educated economist, was detained in the UAE and has been held for criticizing Egypt and the UAE online. He has been held since August 2015 in an unknown location. CCS has written several times on bin Ghaith’s behalf.  His trial will start on June 28th. June 6, 2016 HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid al-Maktoum Vice-President and Prime Minister Prime Minister’s  … continue reading >>

2015 Annual Report

During 2015, the Committee of Concerned Scientists continued to advocate on behalf of scientists, academics, engineers and physicians. We wrote in concern for more than 21 individuals or groups of individuals, located in 11 countries. We generally addressed our letters to the heads of state, as well as to the country’s ambassadors, the United States ambassador for the particular jurisdiction,  … continue reading >>

Nasser bin Ghaith Re-Arrested in Abu Dhabi

Dr. Nasser bin Ghaith, a prominent academic and Economist, was re-arrestd in Abu Dhabi allegedly for criticizing Egypt. bin Ghaith was re-arrested by state security agents on August 18 when leaving his office. He has not been heard from since that time. Neither his attorney nor his family members have heard from him nor have they received any information on his whereabouts or charges against  … continue reading >>

UAE Visa Denial to NYU Professor Ross Prompts Letter of Inquiry to Pres. Sexton

Andrew Ross, a professor at NYU, had been studying and critiquing labor practices in the Gulf. Ross' research focused on alleged exploitation of migrant construction workers at NYU's proposed campus in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE). In March, his visa to continue his research was denied by UAE authorities. In view of NYU's agreement with UAE to respect to academic freedom at the proposed  … continue reading >>

Dr. Cyril Karabus Returns to South Africa Cleared of UAR Manslaughter Charges

After eight months of frustrating delays in the United Arab Republic, the 78-year old South African pediatrician and oncologist, who was arrested on his way through Dubai last August, finally went home on May 17. The arrest grew out of a 2002 treatment by Dr. Karabus of a child suffering from cancer in the UAR.  The patient later died of leukemia.  … continue reading >>

South African Surgeon Arrested in Dubai For Death Twelve Years Ago of Patient

Dr. Cyril Karabus, an eminent South African pediatric surgeon and professor of medicine, was arrested while en route home for charges stemming from the death of patient twelve years ago. He had operated on a child suffering from cancer  in the United Arab Emirates, who later died of leukemia. Although earlier charges on the same grounds (of which Dr. Karabus was never notified) had been dismissed,  … continue reading >>

CCS Welcomes Release of Professor Nasser Bin Ghaith of the UAE

CCS was among the many human rights groups and academic associations advocating for Professor bin Ghaith, a lecturer of economics at the Abu Dhabi branch of the Paris-based Sorbonne University in the United Arab Emirates, who was detained in April in Dubai and charged for being a threat to public security, undermining public order, insulting the government and opposing the government system.  The  … continue reading >>

CCS Follows-up on the Detention of Dr. Nasser bin Ghaith

CCS wrote a follow-up letter to the government of the United Arab Emirates to protest the detention of Dr. Nasser bin Ghaith, a scholar and lecturer in Economics. Read the letter:  … continue reading >>

Dr. Nasser bin Ghaith is Held in Dubai without Charges

CCS wrote to the Government of the United Arab Emirates to protest the detention of Dr. Nasser bin Ghaith, a scholar and lecturer in Economics. Read the letter  … continue reading >>