February 20, 2017

2014 Annual Report

During 2014, the Committee of Concerned Scientists continued to advocate on behalf of scientists, academics, engineers and physicians. We wrote in concern for more than 30 individuals or groups of individuals, located in 11 countries. We generally addressed our letters to the heads of state, as well as to the ministries or local authorities with jurisdiction over the case when we were able to  … continue reading >>

CCS Calls for Full Investigation of Ukrainian Geophysicist’s Kidnapping, Beating and Murder

A Ukrainian scientist participating in protests in Kiev was kidnapped from a hospital, severely beaten, and abandoned to die of hypothermia. CCS joins Human Rights Watch in calling for investigation of this crime, including possible governmental connection by perpetrators. President Viktor Yanukovych No. 11 Bankova Street Kiev, Ukraine February 18, 2014 Your Excellency: We are an  … continue reading >>