February 20, 2017


Al-Halwachi Hearing on December 29th After Being Rescheduled for the 20th Time

Khalil al-Halwachi, a Bahrainian professor arrested in 2014, is scheduled to have a hearing today, after having it postponed for the 20th time.  CCS has requested that a representative of the U.S. Embassy be present to observe the trial and assure that he is granted due process and a proper trial.  … continue reading >>

Turkish Professors Suffer While Erdogan Imprisons Them Without Trial | Washington Examiner

By EUGENE CHUDNOVSKY • 11/29/16 12:01 On July 26, Gursel Duzenli, a popular professor of engineering at Sakarya University, was eating at his home in Turkey with his wife and three children. Suddenly, a swarm of police officers flooded the house. For four hours they searched the house and garden for evidence of contact with the organization of Fethullah Gullen, a Turkish religious and political  … continue reading >>

SCIENCE STUDIO: Interview with Zafra Lerman | KTEP

Listen to an interview with Committee of Concerned Scientists' Board Member Zafra Lerman on KTEP El Paso's SCIENCE STUDIO.  … continue reading >>

Iranian Physicist Sentenced to 16 Years in Jail for Anti-Death Penalty Work

Narges Mohammadi, an accomplished scientist in Iran was sentenced to 16 years in jail for her work opposing the death penalty and for meeting with the UN High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. CCS has written the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran asking that they reconsider this sentence and reverse their decision. Embed from Getty Images October  … continue reading >>

A List of Over 1200 Academics Recently Dismissed from Universities in Turkey

A new batch of 1267 people, from teaching assistants to professors, have been dismissed from the universities in Turkey in connection with two decrees issued under the State of Emergency instituted after the failed coup in July.   … continue reading >>

Economist Held Incommunicado for Criticizing Egypt and the United Arab Emirates

Nasser bin Ghaith, an Economist in the United Arab Emirates, was arrested for committing hostile acts against a foreign state (Egypt) and for instigating against the UAE. These acts were criticizing these governments online. He was also charged with associating with a banned political party in the UAE (as an academic he gave a speech as requested by a member of that political party). CCS has  … continue reading >>

Communications Scholar from Istanbul University Jailed As Participant in Turkish Coup

Vedat Demir, a professor from Istanbul University, was arrested along with 30 other academics and charged with membershipo in FETO/PDY, a charge he has strongly denied. Despite the fact that Demir publicly denounced the coup, he remains accused of such involvement. CCS has written the Minister of National Education of Turkey requesting an investigation of this case. October 30, 2016 Mr. Nabi  … continue reading >>

Lashes to Be Carried Out for Saudi Arabian Blogger

Raif Badawi, a Saudi blogger who was charged with insulting Islam was sentenced to 10 years in prison and public flogging. He was hurt so badly during the first series of beatings that following ones were postponed. Recently, his family was informed that they would begin again, but not in public. CCS has requested that the conviction be overturned as he was only exercising his right of free speech  … continue reading >>

Bahraini Instructor and Electrical Engineer Jailed for Two Years Has New Trial Date

Khalil al-Halwachi, was arrested in September 2014. He confessed, allegedly under duress, to owning a rifle for terrorist purposes. He and his family deny his ownership of any rifle or involvement in terrorist activities. His hearing has been rescheduled 19 times over the past two years. It was last scheduled for October 20th at which time it was again rescheduled, this time for October  … continue reading >>

New Court Date for Turkish Writers and Head of the Department of Forensic Medicine at Istanbul University

Dr. Sebnem Korur Fincanci, Professor and head of the Department of Forensic Medicine at Istanbul University, along with two prominent journalists, Erol Onderoglu and Ahmet Nesin, will go to trial on November 8. They have been charged with “terror propaganda.” These charges preceded the attempted coup in Turkey and these individuals had nothing to do with that event. CCS has advocated for these  … continue reading >>