November 26, 2015


Chile Responds to CCS Letter Regarding Dr. Boris Weisfeiler

The Minister of the Presidency of Chile responded to a CCS letter, on behalf of President Bachelet, stating that there is some movement in the country to address the human rights violations that occurred during the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet. Actions that will are taking place are: The National Congress is processing a Bill of Law to create an Undersecretary of Human  … continue reading >>

China Arrests Two Human Rights Lawyers on Unspecified Charges

The Chinese Government arrested Li Heping, attorney for Chen Guangcheng, and Wang Yu, attorney for Ilham Tohti, for, as yet, unspecified charges. A general arrest of more than 225 Human Rights attorneys took place in China in mid-Spring this year. Many were detained, questioned, and some released. Li Heping and Wang Yu have not been released and their whereabouts are undisclosed. It is reported  … continue reading >>

Iran Increases Presssure on Omid Kokabee

As the news from Iran encourages us that the new negotiations may lead to the release of Omid Kokabee, we find ourselves, instead, discouraged as the pressure on Omid seems to be increasing. Most recently, in April he was sent to a solitary ward for further interrogation; recently, he was instructed to stop reading and to put his books away and his nightlight was confiscated. This week, his family  … continue reading >>

Omid Kokabee’s Birthday

CCS would like to wish a happy 33rd birthday to Omid Kokabee. This is the 5th birthday that he has spent in Evin Prison in Iran. For further information please read this article in Iranwire. Related articles Omid Kokabee Marks Birthday in Jail ( Free Omid Facebook page Kokabee Archive ( Guards Punish Jailed Scientist for Media Reports  … continue reading >>

An Appeal to Iranian Scientists on Behalf of Omid Kokabee

The Committee of Concerned Scientists (CCS) is asking Iranian scientists to apply their influence to free Omid Kokabee who is serving a 10-year prison sentence in Tehran for his refusal to participate in research related to Iran’s nuclear program, see Op-Ed on Omid Kokabee and Iran’s Uranium Enrichment Program. Earlier this year CCS wrote to Dr. Mohammad-Javad Larijani, Secretary of the Human  … continue reading >>

CCS Protests Arbitrary Arrest of Retired Tehran University Professor

For the third time since 2001, Dr. Mohammad Hossein Rafiee has been wrongfully detained in Iran. His arrest on unspecified charges is in breach of the guarantees outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The Committee of Concerned Scientists has expressed its deep concern for Dr. Rafiee's well-being and has  … continue reading >>

Death Sentence in Absentia of Egyptian Scholar Called Baseless

More than 40 academic colleagues of political science professor Emad el-Din Shahin signed an open letter of protest against an Egyptian court's death sentence, handed down in a mass trial that lacked all elements of due process. CCS joined what appeared to be retaliation for Shahin's pro-democracy stance. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi Arab Republic of Egypt c/o Embassy of Egypt to the United  … continue reading >>

Scientists Protest Against Kremlin Threat to Research

Nick Holdsworth, University World News, 06/11 — Russian scientists and intellectuals mounted a rare public protest on 6 June to voice their fears that research and freedom of enquiry are under threat from the Kremlin. Several thousand protesters gathered in Moscow on Saturday 6 June to highlight growing red tape and President Vladimir Putin's fear-driven agenda that has seen a leading private  … continue reading >>

Saudi Court of Appeals Upholds
Flogging Sentence of Blogger

The Committee of Concerned Scientists appeals to fellow academics to protest this offense against human rights, international law and every humane standard that would subject Raif Badawi to multiple floggings for the offense of expressing his opinion. Take Action: Sign the Petition June 10, 2015 Dr. John L. Hennessy President of Stanford University Building 10, Stanford CA 94305-2061 Dr.  … continue reading >>

Academic Freedom is Under Assault, Well‑known Chinese Economist Tells CCS

Dr. Xia Yeliang, invited speaker at the March 2015 CCS Annual Meeting, described increasing repression on Chinese academic institutions under President Xi Yinping. Arrests, spying by students, politicized funding of the humanities, all show a determination by current authorities to prevent any influence in China of Western democratic ideas on students. Dr. Xia Yeliang is a visiting fellow at  … continue reading >>