February 20, 2017

Trial for Moroccan Professor Scheduled for March 23

Maati Monjib, a Moroccan historian and Professor at Mohammed V University in Rabat, is scheduled for trial, with other co-defendants, for “harming internal state security.” Monjib is cited for expressing political opinions as President of the Moroccan Association for Investigative Journalism and as a co-founder of Freedom Now, an organization dedicated to defending freedom of expression and  … continue reading >>

Moroccan Historian Denied Travel for Conference Faces Criminal Charges

Professor Maati Monjib, a Moroccan historian, was banned from traveling out of the country to attend a professional conference in Spain. He began a hunger strike, became ill and was hospitalized. The ban was lifted and hunger strike ended but Professor Monjib and several of his colleagues were charged with “harming internal state security,” a charge for which he can receive five years in prison.  … continue reading >>