March 29, 2015

Good News: Palestinian Astronomer Released

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Imad Barghouthi was released on Jan. 22, 2015, according to his lawyer, Jawad Boulos. Boulos said that at the hearing appealing the detention he presented the CCS letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu protesting Barghouthi's detention and that this had impressed the court. Barghouthi asked his lawyer to convey his gratitude to CCS. Related articles Israel's Detention of Palestinian Astronomer  … continue reading >>

Israel’s Detention of Palestinian Astronomer Traveling to Conference Violates Human Rights

Imad Barghouthi

CCS protests Israel's detention without charges of Dr. Imad al-Barghouthi, an astro-physicist and professor at al-Quds University, while he was traveling to the United Arab Emirates to a conference. Such interference with academic freedom and due process violates international conventions, CCS writes, as well as human rights specifically mentioned in Israel's agreement with the EU for research and  … continue reading >>

Business student deported from Israel

Berlanty Azzim, a resident of Bethlehem, who says that she entered the West Bank on a valid visa in 2005, is a month away from completing her studies in business management at a West Bank university. At the end of October, she was stopped at a checkpoint by Israeli soldiers and deported to Gaza, on the grounds that as a holder of an identity card with a Gaza address she was in the West Bank  … continue reading >>