February 20, 2017

French-Algerian Physicist in Preventive Detention in France Since 2009

Adlène Hicheur, a high-energy physicist who has worked on the world’s largest particle collider, has been held in a French prison under suspicion of terrorism for more than a year. CCS wrote a letter to French President Nicolas Sarkozy, urging him to investigate the circumstances of Dr. Hicheur’s detention.  … continue reading >>

French academic returns home

BBC News: A French academic who battled spying charges in Iran for more than 10 months returned to France on 16 May. Clotilde Reiss was accused of collecting information and provoking rioters during the widely disputed June presidential elections in Iran. She was released on bail after a month and a half in Iran's dreaded Evin prison but only on condition that she stayed at the French Embassy in  … continue reading >>