February 20, 2017

CCS Statement of Shock at Death of Cuban Activist Wilmar Villar Mendoza After Hunger Strike in Jail

The Committee of Concerned Scientists expresses its shock and sadness at the death of Wilmar Villar Mendoza, a 31-year old member of the human rights group UMPACU (Union Patriotica de Cuba). Villar was beaten and arrested following a peaceful protest in Contramaestre on November 14, 2011, and sentenced to four years in prison. He began a hunger strike in the Prison of Aguadores on November 25,  … continue reading >>

Cuban Dissident Released

Darsi Ferrer, the director of the Juan Bruno Zayas Health and Human Rights Centre, was convicted on 22 June on spurious charges of receiving illegally obtained goods and "violence or intimidation against a state official" and sentenced to one year's imprisonment and three months' "correctional work" outside the prison. As he had already been imprisoned for almost a year he was immediately  … continue reading >>

Cuba: doctor arrested

Dr. Darsi Ferrer and his wife, Yusnaymi Jorge Soca, were arrested in July, according to human rights advocates, the day before they planned to lead a demonstration in Havana. Dr. Ferrer is the Director of the Juan Bruno Zayas Center for Health and Human Rights in Havana. An Afro-Cuban medical professional, Dr. Ferrer established the center to offer medical attention to extremely poor Cubans who  … continue reading >>