July 27, 2016

Human Rights Attorneys Charged with “Subversion of State Power”

Wang Yu and Li Heping are human rights attorneys in China who have defended scholars and academics whom CCS has also advocated for. Both attorneys were detained in 2015 and have been held incommunicado for almost a year. They have both, now, been charged with "subversion of state power". The charge could carry as much as a life sentence in a Chinese prison. CCS has written on behalf of these  … continue reading >>

Wife of Jailed Uyghur Scholar Faces Severe Hardship

Embed from Getty Images The wife of Ilham Tohti, an Economics Professor and an advocate for the Uyghur community in China, is facing a life sentence for speaking out for Uyghur rights in a peaceful way. She is also facing severe financial hardship. Related Articles Family of Jailed Uyghur Scholar Faces Severe Hardship, Social Isolation  … continue reading >>

Scholar Ilham Tohti Remains in Prison

Ilham Tohti, an Economics professor formerly at Minzu University in Beijing, and an advocate for the rights of the Chinese Uighur community, still sits in jail, sentenced to a life in prison for expressing his beliefs in a peaceful way. CCS has written again to President Xi Jinping asking him to please investigate this case and release Ilham Tohti as well as the other individuals that are in  … continue reading >>

2015 Annual Report

During 2015, the Committee of Concerned Scientists continued to advocate on behalf of scientists, academics, engineers and physicians. We wrote in concern for more than 21 individuals or groups of individuals, located in 11 countries. We generally addressed our letters to the heads of state, as well as to the country’s ambassadors, the United States ambassador for the particular jurisdiction,  … continue reading >>

Two Human Rights Lawyers Formally Charged in China

Wang Yu, lawyer for Ilham Tohti, and Li Heping, lawyer for Chen Guangcheng, were detained by Chinese authorities in July 2015. CCS, at that time, wrote a letter requesting their release. They have now been formally arrested with charges that could result in life sentences. January 22, 2016 President Xi Jinping The State Council General’s Office 2 Fuyoujie, Xichengqu Beijingshi  … continue reading >>

Letter of Commendation to US Ambassador for Support of Detained Human Rights Attorneys

The Committee of Concerned Scientists wrote a letter to commend the US Ambassador to China, The Honorable Max Baucus, for taking a position and making a public statement in support of the detained Human Rights attorneys in China.  Specifically, he mentioned the two attorneys for whom we have advocated in the past – Wang Yu who was the attorney for Ilham Tohti and Li Heping who was the attorney for  … continue reading >>

CCS Reminds Presidents Obama and Xi Jinping to Release Wang Yu, Li Heping and Ilham Tohti

Encouraged by China's recent release of Chen Kegui and Guo Yushan, CCS calls upon both Presidents to facilitate the release of Chinese Human Rights attorneys, Uighur Professor Ilham Tohti and others.  … continue reading >>

New York City Bar Association Writes President of China Addressing Arrests of Chinese Human Rights Lawyers

The President of the New York City Bar Association sends a letter requesting the release of the myriad of human rights attorneys who have recently been arrested in China. Download the NY Bar Assn Letter on Chinese Attorneys  … continue reading >>

Nephew of Chinese Lawyer and Activist Chen Released from Prison

The nephew of the blind lawyer and activist Chen Guangcheng, who was arrested following his uncle's escape from illegal detention, was released from prison on Wednesday, September 16, 2015. Chen Kegui was released after serving a three-year, three-month sentence that was widely seen as retribution for his uncle's daring escape from house arrest. Chen said in an email from the United States that  … continue reading >>

Good News: Beijing Releases Chinese Scholar Who Helped Lawyer-Activist Chen Flee

Guo Yushan, the Chinese scholar who assisted the lawyer and activist Chen Guangcheng flee from illegal detention was released from prison on September 14, 2015, according to his lawyer, Li Jin. Jin said that she did not know why Guo was released or if there was any link to Xi Jinping's United States visit. Related articles Beijing releases activist on eve of Chinese president's visit to US  … continue reading >>