August 31, 2015

Activist Jailed in China and Denied Access to Counsel


Guo Yushan, a scholar and public intellectual who founded a public policy think tank in China, was arrested on January 3, 2014 for "operating an illegal business," although the government has not formally charged him with this crime. He was denied access to counsel for three months after his arrest, and his defense lawyer has also been detained. CCS urges President Xi Jinping to investigate  … continue reading >>

2014 Annual Report

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During 2014, the Committee of Concerned Scientists continued to advocate on behalf of scientists, academics, engineers and physicians. We wrote in concern for more than 30 individuals or groups of individuals, located in 11 countries. We generally addressed our letters to the heads of state, as well as to the ministries or local authorities with jurisdiction over the case when we were able to  … continue reading >>

Seven Students Reportedly Convicted on Separatism Charges in China


View image | Seven students of Professor Ilham Tohti's have reportedly been sentenced to three to eight years in prison in China on charges of separatism. They were arrested at the same time that Tohti was, and CCS is concerned that some of the students were coerced into testifying against Professor Tohti in order to receive lighter sentences. President Xi Jinping The State  … continue reading >>

CCS Joins International Outcry
At Life Sentence for Ilham Tohti


After a two-day trial closed to the public, Professor Ilham Tohti, an advocate for China’s Uighur minority, was sentenced to life in prison for “separatism,” a charge he denies. In addition, the court ordered all of his assets confiscated, leaving his family in severe economic distress. The trial appears to have denied him an opportunity for proper defense, according to his lawyers, and to be  … continue reading >>

Ilham Tohti, Arrested in January
Now Charged with Separatism

Ilham Tohti

On July 30, prosecutors announced online that Ilham Tohti, a professor at Central Minorities University in Beijing, had been formally charged with separatism, a crime which carries a potential death penalty. Tohti, an economics professor of economics and advocate for the rights of the Chinese Uighur minority, was arrested on January 15, 2014 and held incommunicado until late June. Tohti's  … continue reading >>

Uyghur Linguist’s Whereabouts Unknown Since Arrest for Attempt to Teach Language

Abduweli Ayup

Abduweli Ayup, an Uyghur linguist and graduate of University of Kansas, hoped to open a kindergarten to promote education in Uyghurs native language. When he and his associates attempted to raise funds for this venture, they were arrested for "illegally fundraising." Relatives of Ayup have no information as to his whereabouts, even though they heard reports that he is in poor health in jail and  … continue reading >>

Jailed Uyghur Professor’s Family in Beijing Is Harassed by Police, Daughter Testifies

Ilham Tohti

The wife of Ilham Tohti, who was arrested and charged with separatism (see our letter), cannot access his bank account since his arrest, Tohti's daughter told the Congressional-Executive Commission on China. Tohti's young children are traumatized by police harassment, she said, especially after witnessing mistreatment of her father. CCS urges authorities to end to restrictions on Tohti's  … continue reading >>

Statement About Cao Shunli


The Committee of Concerned Scientists expresses shock and sadness at the news of the death in detention of human rights activist and lawyer Cao Shunli. Since 2008, Cao has pushed for petitioners and activists to have a voice in China's domestic human rights reviews and the UN's universal periodic review (UPR). Authorities first detained Cao at Beijing airport on September 14, 2014, as she was  … continue reading >>

Advocate for Uighur Minority in China Arrested, Taken to Undisclosed Location

Ilham Tohti

Dr. Ilham Tohti, a Professor of economics at the Central Minorities University in Beijing was arrested after a raid of his apartment and materials in it. He had been previously harassed and threatened, allegedly to stop him from talking to foreign journalists. CCS wrote to Chinese authorities asking for Tohti to be treated with fairness and due process, including access to family and  … continue reading >>

CCS Urges Chinese Law School To Reinstate
Scholar, Advocates for Freedoms Under Constitution


Professor Zhang Xuezhong, a Professor of Law at East China University of Political Science and Law in Shanghai, was fired for "seriously violating teachers' professional ethics." Zhang, who has been an advocate for freedom of speech and association under the Chinese constitution, denied ever using his position as a teacher to promote his views. CCS wrote to the University President to protest what  … continue reading >>