February 13, 2016

Chile Responds to CCS Letter Regarding Dr. Boris Weisfeiler

The Minister of the Presidency of Chile responded to a CCS letter, on behalf of President Bachelet, stating that there is some movement in the country to address the human rights violations that occurred during the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet. Actions that will are taking place are: The National Congress is processing a Bill of Law to create an Undersecretary of Human  … continue reading >>

Chilean Court Charges Ex-Officers in Weisfeiler Arrest

After 27 years of seeking justice in the 1985 disappearance of her brother Boris Weisfeiler in Chile, Olga Weisfeiler announced the indictment of eight officers charged with his arrest and with covering up his disappearance. The case of the Penn State mathematician was reopened in 2000 after the Clinton administration declassified about 450 secret documents relating to Weisfeiler. The American  … continue reading >>

Weisfeiler Case submitted to Human Rights Commission in Chile

In 2010, Olga Weisfeiler and her son Lev arrived in Chile to resubmit Boris Weisfeiler's case to the recently opened human rights commission, Comisión Asesora par la calificatión de Detenidos Desaparacidos, Ejecutados Politicos y Victimas de Prisión Politica y Tortura, in short La Comisión, for evaluation. The Commission's work was presented to the President of Chile on August 18, 2011. No date is  … continue reading >>