February 20, 2017


CCS Requests International Support for Swedish Scientist in Iran

CCS has written to the heads of other countries and organizations requesting their support of Dr. Djalali, a Swedish scientist threatened with a death sentence in Iran.  … continue reading >>

CCS Requests New US President Intercede for Serkan Golge

The Committee of Concerned Scientists has requested that the new United States President contact the President of Turkey and request the return of NASA scientist, Serkan Golge, who is being held in Turkish prison accused of being complicit in coup attempt.  … continue reading >>

US Executive Order Could Have Serious Consequences on US Science and Academia

The Executive Order banning Muslims from accessing the United States can seriously affect foreign students attending American universities. CCS urges President Trump to take this into consideration.  … continue reading >>

Over 5,500 Academics Dismissed from Positions in Turkey since Rule of Law Suspended

Scholars At Risk report that the pressure on Turkish academics has persisted into the 2017 as a new decree was issued dismissing over 600 scholars and more than 100 administrative personnel from higher level educational institutions. Pressures on Turkey's Scholars Renewed in the New Year On January 6, state authorities issued a decree ordering the dismissal of 631 academic personnel and  … continue reading >>

NASA Scientist Still Held in Turkey for Alleged Coup Involvement

Serkan Golge, a 36-year-old physicist and research scientist at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in the United States, has been detained in Turkey since August of last year, and charged with involvement with the Gülen movement and the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). No credible evidence has been presented to back up these charges. In the absence of evidence, Mr.  … continue reading >>

Professor of Law and Former Head of Sociology Department at Gediz University Arrested

Dr. İştar Gözaydın, a professor of law and politics and former head of the Department of Sociology at Gediz University, was relieved of her position at Gediz University in Turkey. She was then arrested in December when Gediz University was closed in July under the current “State of Emergency”. Dr. Gözaydın was arrested on December 28, and charged with being a member of an armed terror  … continue reading >>

Political Science Professor and Former Member of Parliament Arrested

Dr. Merera Gudina, a political science professor who is also a former Member of Parliament and a leader in asserting the political interests of the Oromo people of Ethiopia, was arrested on November 30 upon his return to Ethiopia after a meeting at the European Parliament. We believe he was detained because of his association at that meeting with Olympic marathon silver-medalist Feyisa Lilesa  … continue reading >>

Dr. Hasan Arif, 70-year-old Retired Philosophy Professor, Detained in Pakistan

Dr. Hasan Zafar Arif has been detained in Pakistan for allegedly "inciting public disorder". He has not had legal representation or medical care since his arrest at the Karachi Press Club in October 2016. Dr. Arif has a heart condition, and his health is at risk.  … continue reading >>

Raif Badawi Has Written a Book

Raif Badawi, a blogger who was sentenced to flogging by the Saudi Arabian government, has written and published a book of his writings called 1000 Lashes.  It is available at some libraries and on Amazon.  … continue reading >>

MLA to Vote to Boycott Israeli Universities; CCS Opposes

The Modern Language Association (MLA) is set to vote on a boycott of Israeli academic institutions.  CCS strongly opposes any academic boycotts.  Such an action closes movement in the direction of tolerance,  investigative thought and the promotion of new ideas.  CCS urges the participants at the Delegate Assembly to oppose such an action and to vote against such a boycott, in Israel and anywhere  … continue reading >>