October 26, 2016


Committee of Concerned Scientists and Endangered Scholars Worldwide Advocate for NASA Scientist Arrested in Turkey

NASA Physicist, Serkan Golge, a 36-year old American citizen, was arrested while visiting Turkey and charged as being complicit with the Gulen movement, which Turkey considers a terrorist organization that was complicit with the coup attempt that took place in July.  The Committee of Concerned Scientists and Endangered Scholars Worldwide have issued a Joint Appeal asking for Golge’s release and  … continue reading >>

Ilham Tohti, Peaceful Advocate for Uighur Community, Awarded Sakharov Prize

Ilham Tohti, a peaceful advocate of China’s Uighur community, currently serving a life sentence in a Chinese prison, was awarded the prestigious Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought. The Sakharov prize is awarded annually by the European Parliament to honor individuals and organizations defending human rights and fundamental freedoms. Tohti, a former professor at the Central University for  … continue reading >>

CCS Is Very Sad to Announce the Passing of One of Its Most Devoted Members: Vice Chair Joseph Birman

Joseph Birman, Vice-Chair of the Committee of Concerned Scientists and one of its longest serving Board members, CUNY Distinguished Professor of Physics, passed away at age 89 on October 1, 2016, with his wife Joan at his side. I met Joe in 1979 at the unofficial refuseniks’ science seminar in Moscow, held for scientists that where denied exit visas and subsequently lost their academic  … continue reading >>

59 Year Old Bahraini Engineer Imprisoned for Two Years With No Trial

Khalil al-Halwachi, a Bahrainian engineer arrested for alleged possession of a rifle and charged as a terrorist has sat in jail for the past two years and his trial has been postponed 18 times. Defendant alleges a forced confession after being tortured. CCS has written the US Ambassador to Bahrain requesting that a representative be present in the courtroom to assure due process for al-Halwachi.  … continue reading >>

Homa Hoodfar, Canadian and Iranian Citizen, Released from Evin Prison

Homa Hoodfar, a dual-citizen of Iran and Canada, and a retired professor of Sociology and Anthropology, has been released from Evin prison in Iran, where she was detained since her arrest in June. Professor Hoodfar was charged with “dabbling in feminism” while conducting a research project. In early July, CCS wrote on behalf of Professor Hoodfar requesting her immediate release and that she  … continue reading >>

Mohammad Hossein Rafiee Has Been Released on a Medical Furlough

CCS has been informed that retired Tehran University professor, Dr. Mohammad Hossein Rafiee, has been released from Evin Prison on a Medical Furlough due to poor health. He has been allowed to recuperate at his family’s home. We are all very grateful that he will have a chance for an effective recovery and be allowed to recover fully with appropriate medical care. We also are in support of the  … continue reading >>

Bahrainian Engineer Due in Court on September 19 Following Arrest 2 Years Ago

Khalil al-Halwachi, a Bahrainian engineer and human rights activist, was detained in September 2014 and has been confined since that time to date. It is alleged that the authorities came to his home and searched, finding a rifle (that was allegedly planted by those doing the search) which led to allegations of his being a terrorist. Al-Halwachi has been in prison since, in conditions that led to  … continue reading >>

Call for Solidarity: 44 Turkish Academics Who Signed the ‘Peace Petition’ Terminated from Their Jobs, Additionally, Over 2300 Turkish Academics Targeted Following Failed Coup

The academics who signed the Peace Petition prior to the coup attempt in Turkey have now been linked by the State with those who perpetrated the Coup. The signers noted they they had nothing to do with the coup, did not agree with it, did not participate in it and that their action well preceded the coup situation. Their petition was done in the open and sent to the authorities. It was not  … continue reading >>

Retired Tehran University Professor Receiving Necessary Medical Care

Dr. Mohammed Hosein Rafiee-Fanood, a retired professor of chemistry who has been imprisoned in Iran for peacefully expressing his political views, was operated on to repair varicose veins. He will also be examined for much needed other health problems. CCS has written many letters on his behalf requesting that he receive the medical care that he so desperately needed and we are very pleased that  … continue reading >>

Bahraini Neurosurgeon Arrested and Charged with “Illegal Gathering” for Participating in a Sit‑In

Dr. Taha al-Derazi, a prominent Neurosurgeon in Bahrain, was arrested and charged with "illegal gathering" due to his participation in a sit-in in Bahrain. Dr. al-Derazi is a member of the Bahrani Human Rights Obervatory, a group dedicated to monitoring human rights practices in Bahrain. He has been subjected in the past to repeated questioning by Bahrainian authorities, has been suspended from  … continue reading >>