July 26, 2016


The Committee of Concerned Scientists began as an ad hoc committee in Washington, D.C. and New York City in September 1972. A group of American scientists, physicians and engineers recognized the need to translate their deep concern about their colleagues who are denied their fundamental human rights because of their outspoken political views or their expressed desire to emigrate.

Former Executive Director Sophie Cook talks about the history of the Committee of Concerned Scientists.


France’s Science Academy Gold Medal Honors Work and Life of Joel Lebowitz

The Academie des Sciences of the Institute of France awarded its 2014 Grande Medaille, its highest distinction, to Joel Lebowitz, Director of the Rutgers Center for Mathematical Sciences Research and co-chair of the Committee of Concerned Scientists, calling him "a man of science and peace." Besides his prominence as a world leader in statistical physics,  the citation describes Lebowitz, the only  … continue reading >>

A History of the Committee of Concerned Scientists, 1970-2006 – via Columbia University Libraries

The Committee of Concerned Scientists (CCS) is a human rights organization composed of scientists, engineers, and scholars who promote academic and personal freedom for their colleagues worldwide. The Committee supports the rights of scientists to collaborate on research and share data, travel to conferences and meetings, and emigrate if they choose. More broadly, CCS advocates human treatment of  … continue reading >>

The CCS Archives at Columbia University

The archives of CCS have been deposited in Columbia University's Rare Book and Manuscript Library. An online finding aid is available at the Library website.  … continue reading >>

Human Rights Activities in Support of Computer Scientists by the CCS

by Dr Jack Minker, Vice-Chair for Computer Science The CCS was conceived as a human rights organization in 1972. Fred Pollack was Chair of the Executive Board and Ruth Levine was hired to be Executive Director. Jack Minker of the University of Maryland became first Computer Science Vice-Chair of CCS. Minker continues to serve in this capacity. Minker worked cooperatively with many different  … continue reading >>