August 28, 2015

Good News

CCS Requests Chile President’s Support For Permanent Human Rights Commission

Boris Weisfeiler in 1981

For over 30 years, the Committee has supported the family of Dr. Boris Weisfeiler, Professor of Mathematics at Penn State University, in their search for the truth concerning the disappearance of Weisfeiler while hiking in Chile during the Pinochet regime. Finally, classified documents concerning Weisfeiler in the US Embassy in Chile and in the US State Department were declassified, resulting in  … continue reading >>

Good News: Palestinian Astronomer Released

Committee of Concerned Scientists logo

Imad Barghouthi was released on Jan. 22, 2015, according to his lawyer, Jawad Boulos. Boulos said that at the hearing appealing the detention he presented the CCS letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu protesting Barghouthi's detention and that this had impressed the court. Barghouthi asked his lawyer to convey his gratitude to CCS. Related articles Israel's Detention of Palestinian Astronomer  … continue reading >>

Good News: Iran’s Supreme Court to
Reconsider Kokabee Case

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Omid Kokabee’s attorney, Saeed Khalili, posted the news on his Facebook page that the Supreme Court of Iran has accepted his request for reconsideration of Omid’s case. The lawyer is confident about proving Kokabee’s innocence. It would appear that the court has vacated the sentence in effect at present. CCS is awaiting further confirmation of these hopeful developments before considering any  … continue reading >>

In Response to CCS Letter, DOE’s IG Will Investigate James Doyle’s Firing

US Department of Energy Seal

The Department of Energy's Inspector General will investigate whether James E. Doyle, a political scientist employed at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, had been fired in retaliation for publishing an article in which he differed with US Government policy concerning nuclear weapons. The Administrator of the National Nuclear Safety Administration of the Department, Frank G. Klotz, in his letter  … continue reading >>

Turkish Court Releases Professor on
Medical Grounds


Prof. Fatih Hilmioğlu, former rector of Inonu University,  was released from jail on February 20 for six months after an order from the Constitutional Court that said his imprisonment interfered with his treatment for cancer and other illnesses acquired in prison, and this constituted an infringement of his right to life. Immediately after leaving the prison, Hilmioğlu said "If I've been released  … continue reading >>

Omid Kokabee, Boris Altshuler
Win APS Andrei Sakharov Prize


Omid Kokabee, a University of Texas graduate student currently imprisoned in Iran, has been awarded the American Physical Society's 2014 Andrei Sakharov Prize, which recognizes outstanding leadership and achievements of scientists in upholding human rights. Kokabee will share the honor with Dr. Boris Altshuler of the Russian Federation. The prize carries $10,000 for each winner. The APS press  … continue reading >>

Kemal Gürüz Released from Prison


We welcome the news that Dr. Halil Kemal Gürüz, a chemical engineer, education administrator and former professor and university rector, was allowed to go home pending his appeal from the thirteen years and eleven month sentence imposed on him by a criminal court in Turkey on August 5, 2013. In a new trial on September 5 on another charge, Dr. Gürüz was placed on probation by an Ankara court  … continue reading >>

Dr. Cyril Karabus Returns to South Africa Cleared of UAR Manslaughter Charges

Dr. Karabus photo

After eight months of frustrating delays in the United Arab Republic, the 78-year old South African pediatrician and oncologist, who was arrested on his way through Dubai last August, finally went home on May 17. The arrest grew out of a 2002 treatment by Dr. Karabus of a child suffering from cancer in the UAR.  The patient later died of leukemia.  … continue reading >>

Abdlolreza Ghanbari’s Death Sentence Set Aside, Amnesty International Learns

Flag of Iran

Professor Abdolreza Ghanbari completed a PhD in Persian language and literature and has taught this subject in high schools and at Payame Nour University. We understand that his only political activity was to belong to a trade union that had been dissolved in 2007. Ghanbari was sentenced to death on January 30, 2010 on charges of “enmity against God” (Moharebeh) for allegedly participating in  … continue reading >>

Chilean Court Charges Ex-Officers in Weisfeiler Arrest

Boris Weisfeiler

After 27 years of seeking justice in the 1985 disappearance of her brother Boris Weisfeiler in Chile, Olga Weisfeiler announced the indictment of eight officers charged with his arrest and with covering up his disappearance. The case of the Penn State mathematician was reopened in 2000 after the Clinton administration declassified about 450 secret documents relating to Weisfeiler. The American  … continue reading >>